Coiled Tubing and Pumping Services.

Savings to our customers

We provide savings to our customers by using Technology, Technical Background and Human Talent. We train our staff to do all their work in accordance with our established procedures.

Equipment & Operations

  • Land Coiled Tubing Units (4).
  • Offshore Coiled Tubing Units (3).
  • High Pressure Pumping Units (7).
  • Nitrogen Pumping Units (2).
  • Well unloading with nitrogen.
  • Cementing.
  • Cleaning.
  • Acidizing.
  • Hydraulic fractures.
  • Removal of scales in tubulars.
  • Paraffin removal in tubulars.
  • Milling plugs.
  • Abrasive tubular cutters.
  • Gravel pack.
  • Zonal isolation (flow profile control).
  • Fishing.
  • Bridge caps and inflatable plugs.
  • Cement retainers.
  • Completion sleeve operations.
  • Logging operations (PLT’s, Drilling and Open Hole).
  • Mechanical tubular cutters.
  • Completions.
  • Speed or gas lift strings.
  • ESP completions.
  • Milling operations.
  • Drilling operations.

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