We have Wireline units for each type of environment and we are able to take information in real time with various tools.



  • Dipole Sonic (XMAC).
  • Compensated neutron (CN).
  • Density (ZDEN).
  • High Resolution Induction (HDIL).
  • Orientation (ORIT).
  • Spectral Gamma Ray (GRSL).
  • Well geometry, 6 arms image.
  • Cementation Logging (CBL/VDL/GR/CCL).
  • Saturation Logging (RPM, PNN).
  • Production Logging (PLT – Pression, Temperature, Capacitance, Density, Flowmeter).
  • Guns and explosives of different diameters at the customers request.
  • Pipe recovery: Free point, pipe cutting & PLASMA punching.
  • Magnetic Resonance (MREX).
  • Micro-resistive Images (EI).
  • Multifinger Caliper (MFC).
  • Thickness gauge.

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